ICCCT 中文聖經研讀團契 Chinese Bible Fellowship Groups 2021-2022

中文聖經研讀團契將於9月中旬開始。 這將又是一個屬靈學習的美好學年,我們2021-2022年研讀的書卷是《馬太福音》。我們安排三個時段的網上zoom學習。一個網上白天時段(由Betty帶領, 事間稍後通告)。两個網上晚上時段(由Jenny和Vivian帶領,事間稍後通告)。 如果你有興趣參加,請聯繫Betty, Jenny 或 Vivian。雷師母在2021-2022 培訓中文聖經研讀團契查經組長, 所以不帶領個別查經組。Our church will sponsor 3 Chinese Bible Study Fellowship groups in the coming year. We will study the Gospel of Matthew. Please join us for another year of thoughtful and in-depth study of God’s Word. CBSF meetings will resume in mid September. There will be one daytime group led by Betty and 2 evening online groups led by Jenny and Vivian. Mrs. Louie will assume a new role as the assistant trainer to provide online leader training to Chinese-speaking group leaders. She will not lead individual CBSF group next year.

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