Senior and Founding Pastor

Rev. Douglas Louie was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Seattle, Washington.  In college, he studied engineering and mathematics.  After graduation he worked as an engineer for one year. It was during that time that he felt that there was little meaning in life.  After searching for answers in various religions and finding no satisfaction, he started attending a Christian church and came to the knowledge of Christ.

At age 22, Pastor Louie Committed his life to God and to serve Him in the ministry. Instead of immediately receiving the calling to the ministry, he was led to go into the field of Medicine.  After his medical training, Dr. Louie also completed doctoral studies in Public Health, Psychology, Christian Ministry, Law, and Theology.  He has been practicing medicine since 1985. 

Soon after his conversion, Dr. Louie felt that God would call him into the ministry some day.  As result, he continued to take classes in the local churches and Bible school to equip himself for the ministry as a layman or as a minister.  In the year 2000, he completed his Doctor of Ministry degree from the Northwest Graduate School of Ministry.  Dr. Louie was ordained in 2002.

In late 2001, Dr. Louie perceived the need for a Chinese Christian church in Tacoma, and he felt the calling to enter into ministry.  With the support of his family and several individuals, the International Chinese Christian Church of Tacoma was formed in January of 2002.   Currently, Dr. Louie is the pastor of this church and continues with his full time medical practice.  Following the example of Apostle Paul, Pastor is bi-vocational and  does not take compensation for his service at church. Pastor Louie and his wife, Belinda, have a son and a daughter. Philip and wife Alice live in Chicago with their daughter Madelyn. Andrea lives and works in Seattle. The whole family commits to serving the Lord.


雷向榮牧師在香港出生.幼年時與家人移居西雅圖.大學時進修數學及工程學.畢業後任職工程師,感覺生命虛空,在不同宗教裏找不到滿足和答案,直至到在教會認識基督,接受永生的神.雷牧師在22歲時委身事奉主,但神當時沒有呼召他全職事奉,卻帶領他接受醫學訓練, 還完成了公共衛生, 心理學, 牧會學, 法律, 和神學的博士課程. 雷醫生在1988年開始行醫到現在. 

接受主以後,雷牧師常常有感將來神會呼召他牧養教會,因此他不斷進修神學課程.在2000年,在神學院畢業,取得在神學院畢業,取得神學博士學位.在2002年被按立牧師.雷牧師在2001年蒙主呼召在塔可瑪市,與家人及其他主內弟兄姊妹,創辦一個華人基督教會. 現時雷牧師努力牧養教會,仍繼續醫療工作. 以使徒保羅的為例, 牧師在教會服務不拿薪酬。雷向榮牧師夫婦有一子一女. 景恆和太太羅瑩, 女兒恆欣,住在芝加哥。女兒景樂在西雅圖工作。牧師合家同心服事主.

Executive Pastor

In 2007, the Elders (Mr. BK Tam, Mrs. May Tam, and Pastor Louie) appointed Belinda Louie to be the executive pastor of the church. Belinda accepted Christ at the age of 17. She has been a faithful servant since becoming a Christian. After completing her certificate of ministry, Belinda co-founded ICCCT with her husband in 2002.  Dr. Belinda Louie obtained her doctorate in Education from the University of Washington. Currently she is a full professor at the School of Education at UW Tacoma. Following the example of Apostle Paul, Belinda is bi-vocational and does not take compensation for her service at church.


2007年,教會長老(譚秉鈞先生,陳玉蘭, 和雷牧師)邀請雷吳潤瑛師母擔任我們教會的行政牧師。雷師母在17歲時接受了基督。自從成為基督徒以來,她一直是忠實的僕人。在神學院畢業後,師母於2002年與牧師共同創辦了華人基督教會. 雷師母任教於華盛頓大學塔科馬校園。以使徒保羅的為例,雷師母是雙職業的,不拿教堂的薪酬。


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