Flower baskets牽牛花花籃

The International Chinese Christian Church of Tacoma has its annual fundraising by selling outdoor 10″ flower baskets. Our master gardeners have started some great seedlings of surfinia petunia for the multicolor floral display. For this year, we are mixing sky blue, magenta, violet, and white blooms.

According to well-known plant expert Alan Armitage:

These are the most vigorous and bountiful cascading petunias available in the world today – the ones seen spilling from European window boxes in waterfalls of brilliant color. Breathtaking as a cascading ornamental, dazzling as a carpet of color. Surfinia petunias, the first cross of a wild South American petunia with propagated seed hybrids, make a spectacular display. Plant them and stand back, they grow with exceptional vigor, producing densely-branched foliage and masses of blooms trailing up to 4′ per season. With the ability to laugh at heat and rain, these colorful blooms will quickly transform your garden.

The basket is only $20 each. It is perfect for your patio, your business, and your house. Your mother will surely appreciate this wonderful hanging basket as a mother’s day gift. Please call (253) 376-3553 or email info@ccctacoma.com to reserve yours. We will start delivering the baskets around May 9th.

塔可馬市華人基督教會每年春夏義賣十吋的室外鮮花吊籃。今年義賣正在進行中。教會的園藝大師已經培育了大量五彩繽紛的特種史芬尼亞牽牛花預備栽種。今年他們選用了天藍色、洋紅色、紫羅色和奶白色的花朵來配搭花籃。史芬尼亞牽牛花是世界上最好、最壯健的品種,外形似瀑布般垂落的牽牛花。它們通常栽在合子里裝點歐式窗台,以迷人的瀑布造型和眼花繚亂的色彩來惹人喜愛。每只花籃售價20元,特別適合裝飾平台、房舍和商鋪,也是極佳的母親節禮物,預定請電 (253)376-3553 或送電郵 info@ccctacoma.com 花籃將於5月9日母親節前開始送 出, 賣完即止。

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