Sophie Weiying Zhang 張瑋瑛

thank the Lord for bringing my husband and me to the International Chinese Christian Church of Tacoma. We are so glad to belong to this church family, with our spiritual life nourished by Pastor and Mrs. Louie’s teaching. We learn to love God, love each other, study God’s Word, and put his teaching into practice.  May God continue to bless all the brothers and sisters at church! God loves us and bring us to a loving and caring church home!

It is indeed God’s guidance that we are together today.  Yesterday, I told my husband that I would like to go to church. I prayed that God would lead us to a bilingual church. My English is very limited, so is my husband’s Chinese. Now, we are so blessed that my husband can understand pastor’s sermon in English and I understand Mrs. Louie’s translation in Mandarin.  We are also so touched by the love and support from the brothers and sisters at church!

感謝主帶領我和我的丈夫來到華人基督教會,使我們非常榮幸的成為這個大家庭的成員,能有幸的聆聽到牧師,師母的傳道,聽道,行道,愛主,愛人,讓我們的靈命不斷成長。感謝主! 願上帝保佑華人基督教會這個大家庭的每位弟兄姐妹平安喜樂!福杯滿溢!是上帝愛我,給了我一個美好的家園,有家的感覺真好! 感謝牧師,感謝師母,感謝教會裡弟兄姐妹帶給我溫暖。

感謝上帝.是上帝的引導讓我們今天相聚,感謝主昨天我和丈夫說要教堂做禮拜,他今天就開車來到了主家,他開車的時候我和禱告讓上帝帶領他找一個我可以聽懂的教堂。 我們夫妻今天非常感動,牧師和師母中英文講道,讓我們夫妻都蒙主恩。我不會講英文,能聽懂一點簡單的英文,我丈夫不會講中文,他可以聽懂一些中文,在教會得到弟兄姐妹多多關照,願神祝福大家平安!喜樂![:zh]感謝主帶領我和我的丈夫來到華人基督教會,使我們非常榮幸的成為這個大家庭的成員,能有幸的聆聽到牧師,師母的傳道,聽道,行道,愛主,愛人,讓我們的靈命不斷成長。感謝主! 願上帝保佑華人基督教會這個大家庭的每位弟兄姐妹平安喜樂!福杯滿溢!是上帝愛我,給了我一個美好的家園,有家的感覺真好! 感謝牧師,感謝師母,感謝教會裡弟兄姐妹帶給我溫暖。

感謝上帝.是上帝的引導讓我們今天相聚,感謝主昨天我和丈夫說要教堂做禮拜,他今天就開車來到了主家,他開車的時候我和禱告讓上帝帶領他找一個我可以聽懂的教堂。 我們夫妻今天非常感動,牧師和師母中英文講道,讓我們夫妻都蒙主恩。我不會講英文,能聽懂一點簡單的英文,我丈夫不會講中文,他可以聽懂一些中文,在教會得到弟兄姐妹多多關照,願神祝福大家平安!喜樂!