Come and check it out! The International Chinese Christian Church of Tacoma will celebrate Father’s Day on June 20, 2010.  Pastor will deliver a sermon during the 10 am service to encourage all the fathers to stand firm in this stormy world.  Following will be a delightful program including music, songs, and dances prepared by our children and ladies. Of course, we will finish our Dad Fest with a great lunch that all dads will enjoy.六月二十日塔可瑪華人基督教會將以特別的方式慶祝父親節.首先,由牧師在講道中祈禱和鼓勵所有的父親更堅強,更努力.隨後孩子們和女士們會獻上歡快的音樂,歌舞表演.最後美味的午餐將會使所有的父親們久久回味.

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