Chinese Bible Study Fellowship 2022-2023 中文聖經研讀團契

This year in Bible Study Fellowship, we are going to study the Kingdom Divided. We will offer 4 bible study groups this year.   Please join us for another great year of studying God’s Word!

Monday evening       7 – 8:30 pm        Jenny’s and Vivian’s group   (Chinese)

Tuesday afternoon   1 – 2:30 pm        Betty’s group  (Chinese)

Tuesday evening      7:15 – 8:30 pm   Belinda’s group (English)

週一晚上 7:00-8:30 Jenny帶領(中文查經)
週二下午 1:00-2:30 Betty帶領 (中文查經)
週二晚上 7:00-8:30 Vivian帶領 (中文查經)
週二晚上 7:15-8:30 雷師母 (Belinda) 帶領 (英語查經)

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