Churches that Heals 帶來治癒的教會 2022

In 2022, Pastor Louie is starting the new year with a series of sermons on HOPE. Then he will preach on how God can help us overcome mental health issues that many face, such as anxiety, depression, anger, and languishment. The elders and the deacons are going through training with materials from Dr. Henry Cloud, a Christian psychologist. We are learning how the church can play a major role in mental health. In March, we will invite everyone at church to learn how to improve our mental health to rise above isolation and uncertainty during the pandemic.

The world is full of hurting people, and the Church is not immune. Many people in our churches are hurting. Communities have struggled through the COVID-19 pandemic and are looking for healing in order to move forward. Some of us are also experiencing high levels of pain, stress, burnout, and depression. All of this is often referred to as the “mental health crisis.” The mental health crisis is one we, the Church, cannot afford to ignore.

The Church should be a place that hurting people run to, not away from. We want to help those who are suffering. But, the truth is that sometimes we just need some help figuring out how to do it. We need to be equipped in order to handle the issues of mental health in our community and we need a program to help us.

Our church has chosen Dr. Henry Cloud’s “Churches that Heal” program to tackle “mental health” issues: depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, eating disorders, broken relational patterns, failure to launch, or confusion over how to accomplish their callings and bring their gifts to fruition. The materials will be delivered through biblical processes whereby people discover that spiritual growth is also the answer to the pain that they feel.

在我們剛剛跨入2022年之際,雷牧師將以“盼望”為主題開始新的一年,隨後,他將進入一個新的證道主題:如何依靠神的大能幫助我們克服焦慮、抑鬱、憤怒和萎靡不振等精神健康問題。教會的長老和執事們將採用基督教心理學家Henry Cloud博士的培訓材料開始培訓,我們將學習教會在精神健康方面應發揮的重要作用。 3月份,我們將邀請全體教會成員一起學習如何在疫情的隔離和不穩定時期提升我們的精神健康。