Interim Associate Pastor 助理實習牧師 Kent & Jolene Ng

Pastor Kent was born in Macau and grew up in Hong Kong.  He came to the US for college and obtained his master degree in Civil Engineering.  Currently, he is working full time at Sound Transit to construct the light rail extension from SeaTac Airport to Federal Way Transit Center.  He is married to Jolene.  They met each other while they were attending a college fellowship.  Jolene currently works part-time as a speech-language pathologist in the Kent School District.  They have four adult children.  Pastor Kent is enrolled in the Christian Leadership masters program at the Dallas Theological Seminary.  He is thankful and looking forward to being the ICCCT’s pastoral intern this coming year.

吳子健在澳門出生,在香港長大。他來到美國上大學,並獲得了土木工程碩士學位。他在 Sound Transit 全職工作,負責建設從 SeaTac 機場到 Federal Way Transit Center 的輕軌延長線。太太是淑恩 (Jolene)。他們是在參加大學基督徒團契時認識的。淑恩目前在肯特學區(Kent SchoolDistrict)兼職,擔任語言病理學家。他們有四個成年子女。他再達拉斯神學院進修基督教領袖碩士課程。他很感激並期待在來年成為塔可馬華人基督教護額的教牧實習生。