Nourish Mental Health 培養各人心理健康

May is the Mental Health month. We are going to restart our in-person Sunday school on May 1st with a mental health video series The Church that Heals. The video presentation will be translated. Then we will separate in the English Sunday School and the Chinese Sunday School for 20 minutes of discussion. Come and support each other to keep our mind healthy in Christ.五月是心理健康月。我們將於 5 月 1 日通過心理健康視頻系列《治癒的教會》重新開始我們的現場的主日學。視頻講座會配翻譯。然後我們將分別在英文主日學和中文主日學進行20分鐘的討論。邀請大家回到教會來互相支持,讓我們學習在基督裡保持心理健康。