RSVP for Father’s Day Brunch 父親節早午餐 6/18/2023

We will have A BIG CELEBRATION for fathers this year on Father’s Day (June 18th. ) Our children will design and make personal invitation cards to their dads. Our Sunday school teachers will work with children and teens to show their appreciation to their fathers during the morning service, We encourage fathers to have their families at church to celebrate their own fathers. Auntie Jenny will work with children to make leis to present to fathers in our congregation. Yes, we will have a special Father’s Day sermon, presentation, and an AMAZING LUNCH! Special photo booth will be set up. Above all, we will celebrate our heavenly Fathers because He has been so good to us!  我们将于6月18日为父亲们举办盛大的父亲节庆祝活动。孩子们将为父亲们 设计制作邀请卡片,主日学老师将带领孩子们一起向父亲表达谢意,我们邀请教会大家庭中的所有父亲们和他们的家庭一起来庆祝。Jenny老师将和孩子们一起制作花环献给父亲们。我们还会安排父亲节特别讲道、礼物赠送、美味午餐,和供家庭拍照的摄影背景墙。除此之外,我们更要感谢赞美供给