RSVP for Mother’s Day Brunch 母親節早午餐 5/14/2023

Children and Youth Mother’s Day Cookin! Please RSVP next week for our Mother’s Day celebration for our youth and children on May 14th.  During Children’s Church from 1015-11:15am, they are going to make the most delicious and healthy cake breakfast muffins and decorate the most adorable cupcakes for our Mother’s Day Luncheon! They also will make a gift for their mother. Mothers, we will have a photo booth for you to take pictures with your family! The church has also prepared a special gift for all the mothers and mothers-to-be! 母亲节儿童青少年烘焙活动:请于下周上网预约参加5月14日为庆祝母亲节而举办的儿童青少年活动。在10:15-11:15的儿童主日学时间,我们将制作健康好吃的早餐纸杯蛋糕,并添加上漂亮的点缀,请母亲们享用!孩子们还会制作一个母亲节礼物送给自己的母亲。亲爱的妈妈们,我们还会搭建一个摄影背景墙,供家庭合影!教会还为每位妈妈和准妈妈准备了特别的礼物。欢迎大家一起参加庆祝!

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