Meiling Miller 黃美玲

In 2006, I moved to Tacoma. Betty Chen invited me to attend the International Chinese Christian Church of Tacoma.  I stayed. I received baptism at church. In our church, I have learned many valuable lessons from God and helpful principles about life.  Every Sunday, I learn much from the sermons of Pastor Douglas Louie. His teaching helps me to grow as a person. In the past, I tended to become impatient and restless when I encountered problems.  Pastor’s teaching makes me realize that our lives are indeed in God’s hand.  God allows us to face various situations. Some are good; some are bad.  Some are difficult; some are easy. Difficulties are placed in our lives to build our character.   

In Sunday school, Mrs. Louie continues to encourage us to accept and to be thankful for God’s guidance in life.  She uses the lemon analogy to describe problems.  God may choose to give us lemons sometimes, not sweet apples. However, we need to have the right attitude.  When God gives us lemons, we can make lemonade, turning negative problems into positive benefits for those around us.  When we face setbacks in life, there is no need to run away or to complain.  Instead, we should immerse ourselves in the Word of God, asking God for wisdom to find the solutions.  Then we can turn stress into strength, producing delicious lemonade for everyone to enjoy.