Baby Showers迎嬰會

Nothing is better than having baby showers during the month of Mother’s Day.  What a privilege it is to have so many mothers-to-be in  our church.  We love the noises of the little ones!  On May 9, the church will host a baby shower for Rob and Shirley.  They are expecting their fourth child.  On May 30, we will host a shower for Stephen and Valerie, who are preparing for the arrival of their second child.沒有什麼能比在五月的母親節期間舉行迎嬰會更讓我們開心的了。在我們的教會有這麼多准媽媽真是神賜予的特別恩典。我們愛極了小傢伙們發出的各種聲音!5月9日,教會將為Rob和Shirley舉辦一個迎嬰會。他們正期待著第四個孩子的誕生。5月30日,我們將為準備著第二個孩子到來的Stephen和Valerie舉辦一個迎嬰會。 歡迎大家參加。

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