Coming in January: Chinese Bible Study Fellowship Group

Our church is going to host a Chinese Bible Study Fellowship group in January 2019. Bible Study Fellowship is a global ministry of Bible classes that serve more than 350,000 class members on six continents in more than 40 nations. We are honored to bring BSF to the Chinese-speaking individuals in the greater Tacoma community. Registration will start soon. Space is limited. Childcare will be provided for children under 5 years old.

我們的教會將於20191月主辦一個中文研讀聖經團契查經班 (CBSF)。研讀聖經團契是一個全球性的聖經課程,為四十多個國家的超過三十五萬名成員提供服務。我們很榮幸能夠為塔可馬社區的華語人士帶來CBSF註冊即將開始。名額有限。為5歲以下的兒童提供免費托兒服務[:]

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