Health & Exercise健康和運動

The International Chinese Christian Church of Tacoma encourages our members and friends to live a well-rounded healthy life. The church has a long-term agreement with the local YMCA. Every Sunday, church members can exercise at the YMCA after church lunch.  Swimming, walking, basketball, handball, dancexercise, jet pool and many other facilities are available to us.  Our participants range from teenagers to 72 years young.  Laughing and giggling are allowed.

華人基督教會倡導平衡健康生活.教會長期租用本地青年會的運動館讓大家在主日教會午餐後齊往運動,我們誠意邀請您參加我們週日早上10時的主日祟拜,11 時的主日學,及12時的午餐.參與者從1歲至70多歲,每次活動都在歡笑中渡過.

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