Community Involvement社區參與

Following the Lord’s teaching in Matthew 5:14-16, the International Chinese Christian Church actively participates in our community to be a light that  shines before others, that they may see our good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven.  We participate in the annual Asia Pacific Cultural Center’s new year event at the Tacoma Dome, we collect food items twice a year for the local food bank, we work with the San Francisco Chinese Christian Herald Cancer Care to take care of local cancer patients, we walk to raise funds for the MultiCare Health System to build healthy children and families in our community, we give talks at local nursing homes, public libraries, and schools about the Chinese language and culture, and we donate our hand-knit items to the fundraising event of the Women Get It program at MultiCare – provides free mammograms and diagnostics for those unable to pay for them.跟隨主耶穌在馬太福音5:14-16的教導,華人基督教會積極參與在我們的社會, “你們的光也當這樣照在人前,叫他們看見你們的好行為,便將榮耀歸給你們在天上的父 。”

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